A Watch Guy’s Thoughts On The Apple Watch After Seeing It In The Metal °

As someone who wears his watch ‘face-down’, bracelets are particularly important to me; they’re the part of my watch that’s visible to other people. I’m glad to see their value isn’t lost on the watch crowd.

Benjamin Clymer:

Apple absolutely, positively, indisputably NAILED its straps and bracelets. In addition to offering a bevy of options from leather to fluoroelastomer to link bracelets to Milanese, it is here that you really see how much attention Apple was paying to the way people wear watches, and the how bad existing options were.

and specifically regarding the Milanese Loop:

I love it because it’s so comfortable, so different than a traditional link bracelet. I love because it’s so 1950s and ’60s. I actually wear a Milanese-style bracelet on my 1957 Omega Speedmaster (ref 2915-2 for you nerds) and I get more compliments on it than just about anything I own, because of the bracelet.

My guess is these are the tip of the iceberg. As with iPhone, the Watch will more than likely end up with a massive accessory market.