Apple doesn’t want to talk about the real use for the Apple Watch

Apple doesn’t want to talk about the real use for the Apple Watch by Josh Dzieza for The Verge:

“But how do you get up on stage and say that the best thing about this new gadget is that it lets people use this other gadget, the one you spent the last eight years turning into a fetish object, less frequently? Of course you still need an iPhone for the Apple Watch, so it’s not like the watch threatens to replace the phone…”

For years since the iPhone’s launch there have been people who imagined that the device would follow the same trajectory as the iPod. Apple began with a single, one-size-fits-all device, and over time they developed a wide variety of options; different shapes, sizes, and abilities to make them better suited to one type of user or another. The variety of bands, sizes, and casing materials position the Watch as something closer to what the iPod was at its height than the iPhone is today.

It’s a fair critique that Apple has been challenged to justify the existence of the Watch, but I think Dzieza has got it exactly right and simply doesn’t believe it: Apple intends for the Watch to replace the iPhone for many, if not all. Some people will prefer to save their money and simply continue using their iPhones. For others though, the Watch is a much different tool for addressing many of the same uses in a much more appealing way.