Watch Me

Watch Me by Will Oremus for Slate:

”Really, Apple unveiled three watches on Monday. The stripped-down Apple Watch Sport has an aluminum case, starts at $349, and aims at the fitness-band market. The flagship Apple Watch, with a stainless steel case, starts at $549 and ranges upwards of $1,000 depending on which band you choose. And, yes, the Apple Watch Edition starts at $10,000, with a top-end price of $17,000 for the fanciest version of all. Oh, and you have to already own an iPhone for any of them to work.”

I disagree with Oremus’ characterization; Apple has designed a single device. The difference between previous products and the Watch is its personal nature, something Apple has been exceedingly clear about. As with previous Apple products, there are a variety of aesthetic options that Apple hopes will resonate with different customers. And as history has shown, some people have a preference for wearing things made from precious metals.

Put another way, it would have been foolish for Apple to enter the wearable market without a gold watch.