Apple’s New Market

Apple’s New Market by Ben Thompson at Stratechery:

“And a new market is exactly where the iPhone is headed: Apple is on the verge of leaving the narrowly-defined smartphone market behind entirely, instead making a play to be involved in every aspect of its consumers’ lives. And, if the importance of an integrated experience matter more with your phone than your PC, because you use it more, how much more important is an integrated experience that touches every detail of your life?”

Ben’s piece here is pointing in precisely the right direction. Apple is building a technology stack that can include whatever solutions a user may see value in. While it’s clear that today the linchpin is an iPhone, in the near future it may be a different device. The wider ecosystem can develop and Apple will provide the connective tissue necessary for the pieces of that ecosystem to fold into their core offering. The physical embodiment of that linchpin though can change as Apple is able to develop more compelling  devices to interface with the larger ecosystem.