Notes From The Road: Apple Watch, Apple Car

Notes From The Road: Apple Watch, Apple Car by Jean-Louis Gassée at Monday Note:

“I concluded that while the idea of an Apple Car is attractive, Apple shouldn’t confuse its love of cars and its high regard for beautiful swage lines with an ability to become a successful car maker.

Now, I wonder if I ought to Think Different.

The scale of Apple’s Supply Chain makes it clear that the company knows how to make the machine that makes the machines on a very large scale and at a high quality level.”

Some thoughtful context wrapped around Greg Koenig’s investigations from earlier this month. Manufacturing expertise at scale is the engine that drives Apple’s business. Today that expertise is applied to computing devices of various shapes, but it’s not difficult to imagine what other products could be produced by leveraging that set of skills.

For historical context, pair Gassée’s piece with the NeXT film The Machine to Build The Machines; manufacturing expertise has been at the heart of Apple a long time.