Six Years In. A Few Thoughts on Foursquare

Six Years In. A Few Thoughts on Foursquare by Dennis Crowley at Medium:

I know the history of our company is rooted in the check-in (and all the fun things we did to encourage people to press that “check-in” button), but remember, the big idea was never “build the world’s best check-in button.” The big idea was to create a system that could crawl the world with people in the same way Google crawls web pages with machines. To then put all of what we’ve learned to use in helping people find the best and most interesting experiences in the real world. And to build a company that would bring our vision of context-aware services — software that can learn about the places you’ve been and can proactively recommend places you’d love — to hundreds of millions of people.

This is the reason to be bullish on Foursquare. No other company is dedicated to this goal of punching through the machine layer to reach down and make sense of human behavior. Dens has maintained a focus on this goal that some might characterize as obsessive, but he’s identified a real challenge that no one else is nearly so focused on.