Apple Watch Demo Videos Put Potential Buyers Behind The Wheel

Apple Watch Demo Videos Put Potential Buyers Behind The Wheel by Matthew Panzerino for Techcrunch:

“Apple’s early marketing around the Watch has focused mainly on its construction, originality and possibilities for customization. That’s not a bad thing at all, but it’s much more suited to a product that’s entering an upgrade cycle. The last few years of iPhone or iPad releases is a good example of this. If you’re going to convince someone they might like to purchase the new one you’re going to highlight differentiating design, color, materials or functionality.”

Panzerino’s point here is well taken. That said, as the first product Apple has designed to transcend the technology industry and reach for a greater psychographic, the initial value proposition needed to be equally different. This collection of videos Apple has produced will address questions for users on the fence and further whet the appetite of those who have already decided. Additionally, there was some criticism during Apple’s event last month around how complicated or unclear it is to use the Watch; these videos also serve as a form of response to that criticism.

There will certainly be a learning curve for the user, as this is a new form of device with significantly different design than a phone. But the stakes of this user education are abnormally high. This time around we’re seeing Apple compete with itself; as the Watch becomes useful, the iPhone will be the first to suffer.