Want To Understand Apple Watch? Look At Your Steering Wheel

Want To Understand Apple Watch? Look At Your Steering Wheel by Abdel Ibrahim for WatchAware:

“I was listening to the radio (yes, I do that from time to time), and I was jumping around between channels and changing the volume with my thumb. Just like I always do. But this time, I looked down at the steering wheel and then over to my dashboard, and a thought occurred to me. “Huh,” I said to myself, “that’s interesting. The controls are right down here and right over there.” And then I started to understand the value of having such controls within a few inches of my fingers, even when redundant controls are only a few inches farther away.”

“Friction, in nearly every context, is something we’re always trying to get rid of. Anything we can do to make things faster and more efficient is almost always welcomed, especially when it comes to consumer technology.”

Reducing the complexity required to perform a task, even in small pieces, is worthwhile. And the smaller the task, the greater the savings with each bit of friction removed.

The physical differences between the Watch and the phone are the ones visible today, before the Apple Watch in the wild. These conveniences are the tip of the iceberg; the greater achievement lies underneath the surface. The changes in behavior that will come from experiences that are designed to be Watch-first will have huge effects. As the user can address more of their tasks completely from the Watch, the value of the device will shift from convenient to indispensable.