The Interface Layer: Where Design Commodifies Tech

The Interface Layer: Where Design Commodifies Tech by Scott Belsky at Medium:

“Already, we live and work at the mercy of the interface. We love simple, contextual choices. Finally, the worlds of design and technology have intersected in such a way that can aggregate and integrate the many once-disparate choices of our lives.”

A great exploration of a very important topic in mobile computing, particularly as the market for wearable devices develops. As the size of the interface continues to shrink, the value of familiar and common interfaces grows. This shrinking happens in both a physical sense as well as the user’s sense of time. The amount of interaction required to accomplish a task continues to be distilled, and the ability for the interface to be predictable and uniform adds value.

One of the interesting questions this raises is around user memory and brand value. Is it necessary for there to be a pre-existing understanding of what underlies the distilled interface? How does the user value a tool that is easily atomized into tasks that can be addressed from the interface surface? How does this effect the investment into the tool’s design?