Reality Matters — Designing contextual experiences for wearables

Reality Matters — Designing contextual experiences for wearables by Emmet Connolly and Wojtek Borowicz at Estimote:

“GPS enabled a whole new set of products from Google Maps to Uber to Strava to Foursquare. And GPS is pretty coarse! Knowing how close a user is to a specific point in space will open up a whole new set of possibilities. And wearables seem like the ideal way to situate a person in relation to these places, and interact with them. So there’s this convergence of emerging trends – wearables, precise location mapping, Internet of Things, context engines – that feels like it will eventually all combine something brand new. It just unlocks a whole new set of off-screen experiences.”

The work Estimote is focused on will enable a number of new user scenarios that will dwarf mobile computing’s progress up to now. If high speed cellular networks were the great enabler of the past decade of technological progress, precision location infrastructure will be enable it for the next decade.