The Apple Watch is a misunderstood bridge to the future

The Apple Watch is a misunderstood bridge to the future by Matt Rosoff for Business Insider:

“All in all, it seems like reviewers were confused.

But this could be because the reviewers — and probably the people making apps for the watch, and maybe even Apple itself — are still stuck in the current mindset of how we use computers. Call it the smartphone mindset.”

“This is where computing is going after the smartphone era. It will be everywhere, it will know what you want, and it won’t require you to do anything to get something in return.

Ubiquitous, anticipatory, and passive.

The Apple Watch is a small step forward in all three categories.”

A great explanation for why reviews of Apple Watch were so lukewarm, and a great write up of what’s coming. The reviews have all focused primarily on proactive interaction with the device, largely because the necessary infrastructure for computing to evolve within Rosoff’s categories is in its infancy.

Review the Apple Watch two years from now and the collective opinion will be very different.