Apple Loyalty Program

Apple Loyalty Program by Matt Mullenweg:

There is some sort of rank ordering inside Apple — Karl Lagerfied and Beyonce have Apple Watches already, reviewers from Gruber to Pogue get devices a few weeks early to test — but imagine if there was an Apple Loyalty program for the rest of us? More than almost any other company Apple has been sustained through tough times by the belief and devotion of their best customers. It would be great if you could earn status with monetary (dollars spent) and non-monetary (impact on the world) points that give you priority ordering access, faster Genius bar appointments, maybe even access to events.

While a wonderful dream, this seems like something to be filed under Things Apple Doesn’t Need To Do. Diverting energy away from building great products is difficult to argue for, particularly when the customer pain point being addressed is an effect of the popularity of those products. That said, some way of being identified as a loyal customer is appealing. Enhanced customer interactions at the Genius Bar or in online ordering would no doubt be appreciated.

And to take the idea further, what would it be like to be a customer of Apple products as a service? Select some combination of products and have them seamlessly replaced whenever new models are made available; sounds like an experience many users already cobble together by hand, and would gladly pay a premium to have handled by Apple.