Distractions by Matt Gemmell:

“In the same way that the iPhone was the first phone to really start eating away at what we used computers for, the Watch is the first wearable that’s lessened the amount of time I spend with my phone. For much of my day, the iPhone has become a sort of server, sitting quietly in a pocket, facilitating my interactions with its little brother.”

Gemmell’s experience is certainly worth reading all the way through, but this section is key. Beneath questions about the usefulness of apps, glances, or notifications is the core value prop of the Watch: it diverts attention from the phone.

Enough attention to make itself worthy of being worn, and enough to truly displace the phone. As Gemmell puts it:

“Even in a handful of days, I’ve found that my iPhone has joined the MacBook as the ‘computer in the other room’, almost as if the hierarchy of devices has shifted up a level.”